A blog almost on time? Blasphemy! Yea we know. We tried to stay on time with this one to make up for last months delay. May is going to be another great month for Desolation: Earth! This is one of the first weeks we have had a working in-house development build to test some of the features we have implemented. It has also allowed us to switch to the new servers. Our Internet speeds actually cap on upload! Our last blog talked about finishing up some GUI work. We are quickly learning that you don't simply finish GUI work, something is always being adjusted. For example we are still working on the Armory.

We are going to try to do a series of game development updates once per month on the status of our games. Starting with today! :)

Where has Dark Form Entertainment been? Unfortunately that is a long answer for which no blog is big enough. Personally I have moved (again) and things have been absolutely crazy from the get go. It was seemingly impossible to find a day job at first, and school became a nightmare. Plus being the Lead Project manager for Dark Form Entertainment, kind of set everything off the edge for me. I literally stopped working on the projects with the team and had to focus on my efforts navigating through the swamp (AKA Florida).