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State of Desolation: Earth in May

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A blog almost on time? Blasphemy! Yea we know. We tried to stay on time with this one to make up for last months delay. May is going to be another great month for Desolation: Earth! This is one of the first weeks we have had a working in-house development build to test some of the features we have implemented. It has also allowed us to switch to the new servers. Our Internet speeds actually cap on upload! Our last blog talked about finishing up some GUI work. We are quickly learning that you don't simply finish GUI work, something is always being adjusted. For example we are still working on the Armory.


Obviously still a huge W.I.P but you can see where we are trying to go with it. Custom load outs that fit you and the ability to customize everything from camo to your supply kits. We are also fixing up the Game Creation menu, keeping it simple and to the point (but with some bugs) The game creation screen will allow the players to choose if they want to do a serious ranked match, or a game that is just for fun and does not affect things like K/D. 


Ian has started adding several weapons into the game and getting their special effects working along with some pretty nifty camera work. Ian has tasked me with adding some cool new armor to the characters and finishing them up. These additions have pushed us back some as they have ironically resurrected a demon that plagued us on our old engine. The dreaded memory cap on Unity's web player has made things pretty difficult to test. However thankfully the API gives us some amazing ways to optimize the memory we are using. Ian has pretty much knocked that issue out of the park. There are always bugs but we want our alpha release to be smooth as possible (and more importantly playable) We are confident that within the next month or two we can get a pre-alpha out that everyone can play. 

As work continues to make things look pretty I will be adding some new maps into the game and getting them ready for the pre-alpha. We have some really cool ideas for some places people will kill each other. Check out this W.I.P screen shot of the new Forest map, now with water!



Once these head aches are fixed we will be uploading the alpha, we can't wait to get some games going!


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