12 April

State of Desolation: Earth in April

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A little late to the table but we always bring the goods. 

So far April has been what I like to classify as an "Exceed" month. Meaning we have exceeded our own expectation on what we would accomplish. April was supposed to be all about polishing the current battlegrounds that will be included in the Alpha. We did that and then some. Ian went into Over-drive on the new Alpha GUI. He has nearly finished both in-game and server selection GUIs. Work has already begun on an Armory system with slots that players can customize their equipment on. The in-game store (which features weapons you can only purchase with cash you win by playing the game) is also nearing completion.

Ian has also managed to finish polishing the network side of things. When the alpha date is dropped one of our primary goals is a network stress test on the new servers :)

Originally the intent was to create 'puzzle pieces' of each component in the game and snap them together when everything was done. Everything just snapped its self together without much effort on our end which has saved time. 

So April will allow us to finish up a much needed GUI overhaul and add some exciting new content to our maps. Check out this (very) W.I.P screenshot of the Game Selection Screen. There is much more work to be done but at least you can see our goal.


Our In game GUI was also a mess. Items were scattered around and lacked logical placement. We took a step back and decided it was best to go with something lightweight and minimal. This is also a heavy W.I.P and is considered a placeholder.



For those who have followed us since the original Desolation: Earth on the old engine, you know we love city maps. A huge hindrance on the old engine was interiors on buildings. If you attempted to create an interior you were faced with severe frame dips and crappy editor options. My goal this month was to create some interiors on our city maps so players have other options than running around on the street.


Finally next month Ian will be focused on finishing the new weapons and animations/Character Development. I will be working on the Ranking/Reward system and getting ready for an alpha release :)





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