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Did you fall off the face of the earth? End of 2014 blog Featured

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Where has Dark Form Entertainment been? Unfortunately that is a long answer for which no blog is big enough. Personally I have moved (again) and things have been absolutely crazy from the get go. It was seemingly impossible to find a day job at first, and school became a nightmare. Plus being the Lead Project manager for Dark Form Entertainment, kind of set everything off the edge for me. I literally stopped working on the projects with the team and had to focus on my efforts navigating through the swamp (AKA Florida). 

Fortunately I am now back on track with my life which has allowed me to take up game design once again. The team and I have been back for about two months working non-stop on a new Desolation: Earth. At first we were using a heavily modified version of the FPSC engine. The entire network code had been re-written, features were added that the engine never saw before. At the time, we had the most advanced Multi-player FPS on the FPSC engine thanks to the Dark Form team and the contributing members on that community.

That was not enough. After several patches it became evident our first mistake was using an engine that would take many more years of work before things went the way we wanted them to. Meeting the people we have and getting the opportunity to become familar to a new coding language I think out-weighs that mistake but the engine was not a good call on our part. 

After our last developer update in April of last year we deemed it was necessary to switch. In doing so we moved onto Unity as our primary engine of choice (as many new developers do) The engine just seemed to work with us instead of against us and really brought out that vision we always had but could not express on the old engine. So for the sake of not writing an even longer novel I will say this...

Desolation: Earth has been completely re-written with Unity using a much better coding language (c#) So far we have most of our network code completed and are designing maps as well as bringing in some old favorites. Frostreaper is working on a completely new lobby system similar to most F2P First Person Shooters out on the market. We have scrapped the idea of Dark Energy allowing us to dedicate more time to the game and less time fixing other issues. While we do not have an ETA on an alpha, I can say that it's not to far off. 

We wanted to start fresh which means a new website. We switched to a new content management system which will allow us to make blogs easier than before! As the website grows we will be adding new sections for each game, allowing other developers to contribute awesome blogs. This new site will make it easy to find the information you need quicker.

Finally, we made many mistakes and learned a lot. The community over at TGC kept us going and now I think we made a turn for the better. It's been a long road but we're back!

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