About Us

Dark Form has over 14 members. Some directly communicate everyday with team members, while others work as freelance artists on their own time. Dark Form has been around for nearly five years. But the staff has worked in game development for much longer. Dark Form Employees believe persistence, dedication, communication, and community will allow us to achieve the goal we set out to do. As our community grows we aim for higher expectations and achievements. Dark Form truly cares about indie communities because we believe indie community's opinions and ideas will help make our games feel fresh and innovative. Dark Form prides its self as being one of the more down to earth game development companies, so we listed some of the guys you will probably meet:

Managing Director - Derek Delfino
Co-Managing Director - Ian Levi
Lead Programmer - William Rivera
Senior Programmer - Scott Labar
Junior Programmer - Anthony
Lead Graphic Artist - Edwin Acevedo
Senior Graphic Artist - David
Junior Graphic Artist - Andrew Smith
Server Administration - William Termini
Server Maintenance - Forest

We are all still gamers at the core. But being a developer at heart we feel communication is key to developing any game. Our goal is to create fun games that anyone can play. Sometimes our ideas tend to develop a Dark Form, but we believe at the end of the day if everyone had fun, we accomplished what we set out to do.